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We're excited to now offer our members a utility cost savings program provided by Consumer Energy Options. CEO - Energy has one of the largest utility footprints in the nation allowing them to provide cost savings to every deregulated State and Territory throughout the United States and Canada! CEO - Energy & their suppliers have provided utility cost savings to Millions. 



A 360 End - To - End Utility Savings Company

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It's very time-consuming for any company to research, obtain and compare bids from a variety of utility suppliers and have the confidence you've found the best cost saving opportunities. That's why forward thinking companies are turning to a new, better and FREE method!

We will work with you to:

 Assess Your Needs and Requirements.

 Share Strategies and Insights.

 Answer All Your Questions

 Estimate Your Monthly Savings.


“ By taking a proactive approach to buying your utilities, a business can better control their utility costs, which are normally the biggest overheard expense item after labor costs.”

Tom Maher, President - Consumer Energy Options

Recent Success Stories

  • $950,000 – Amount refunded to the City of Flint, Michigan after an audit.
  • $838,000 – Amount refunded to the New York Mets after an audit.
  • $470,000 – Refunded to Polaroid, along with $13,000/mo. in ongoings.
  • $57,000 – Amount refunded to a fast food chain after a utility audit.
  • $150,000 – Amount refunded to a medical facility after an audit.
  • $132,000 – Amount refunded to a school district after an audit.
  • 35% – Reduction in telecom costs for a call center.
  • 20% – Reduction in a manufacturing facilities electrical bill.
  • 25% – Reduction in gas and electric bills for a shopping center.
  • 32% – Reduction in total utility costs for major retailer.

Why Choose Consumer Energy Options?

Experience & Expertise

Very few companies have the experience and expertise as the team surrounding Consumer Energy Options. Our network of individuals and companies have over 25 years experience in the utilities industry.

Products & Pricing

We shop for the best available electricity, natural gas and telecom rates available in the market.  Our industry experience and strong supplier relations ensure we are able to get the most competitive prices available.

Purchasing Power

CEO Energy has over 1,000 consultants saving businesses money across the United States and Canada; we have an unmatched negotiating power with the suppliers in the utility industry.

Peace of Mind

CEO Energy will shop your business with our entire network of suppliers. We will present you with the best available choices. You will have piece of mind knowing you received the best available option available in the market.

Geographic Footprint

CEO Energy operates in every deregulated state in the United States and Territories in Canada. When you partner with CEO Energy, we are able to provide savings to more of your locations. By having as large of a territory as we do, it gives us an unmatched negotiating power with the suppliers in the utility industry.

Seamless Transition

You will not have any disruption in service when we switch over your utility service. The transition happens behind the scenes, and is seamless! No on-site visit is required.

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