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Bandwidth Aggregation: Blazing Fast Speeds. Unmatched Reliability.


Your business relies on network uptime. Whatever you're looking to do, if it involves accessing a network, uptime is critical.

Have you heard these common broadband complaints before?

  • "It costs way too much."
  • "It's too slow."
  • "It's always going down."
  • "The quality is horrible."

Don't Accept Downtime as Part of Your Business Reality

Broadband Aggregation combines multiple connections (even those with different speeds and circuit types) and delivers it through a single faster and more reliable connection.

  1. Better performance and improved bandwidth without the cost
  2. Guaranteed call quality and uptime reliability
  3. Peace of mind and increased reliability with built-in
  4. Backup and failover capability
  5. Cheaper alternative to MPLS


  • Bandwidth Aggregation: High-performance networks for today’s high-performance applications.
  • Seamless Failover: Highly reliable networks for highly sensitive, critical application use.
  • Quality of Service: For guaranteed clarity of transmission for IP voice and other real-time applications (e.g., video conferencing).
  • Cost savings: Create affordable business-grade networks leveraging commoditized circuits.


  • Seamlessly combines connections of different speeds and technology to increase bandwidth and scalability in a single solution
  • Reduces the risk of downtime with automatic, instantaneous failover capability
  • Ensures clear, audible and reliable IP voice traffic

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