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Wireless bills, every business has them. Bill, your sales guy has a cell phone. Sam,who makes deliveries has one, you have one and your list just gets longer as your business needs arise. But do you really have time to manage multiple bills from different providers or make sure that Sam isn’t spending all his 400 minutes making personal calls?

Multiple Plans for Multiple Employees – Only One Bill from a Single Provider

Get the mobile advantage with wireless voice solutions. Streamline the complicated process of managing multiple providers, unfavorable cost structures and the monthly headaches that come from processing and paying multiple business cell phone bills.

Wireless voice options are available nationwide and includes a selection of flexible calling plans such as: Individual plans, Shared plans and Corporate Group plans.

The Latest in Mobile Technology

From flip phones to the latest BlackBerry and smartphones, our Wireless offers the simplicity of having one provider to deal with and one invoice to review for more than your wireless service.


  • Keep your existing wireless or landline number.
  • Like your cell phones? Keep them! - Retain use of select mobile phones and equipment when you move them.
  • Find a plan that’s just right for your business Individual plans, Shared plans and Corporate Group plans.
  • Device inventory management
  • Optimize rate plans by monitoring and trending usage – compare expenses by unit, division, geography and location.


  • Spend less time managing multiple bills from different providers and more time making a profit
  • Extensive nationwide wireless coverage
  • Consolidated billing of all your wireless services with your other business voice, digital voice and data services
  • Wireless solutions that are more aligned to your business needs
  • Enhanced visibility into and improved tracking of wireless usage and spending
  • Drive down costs and optimize rate plans by monitoring and trending usage via online portal
  • More powerful device inventory management via MBA
  • Efficiently rolled out company-wide wireless deployments from a single source
  • If you already have our Telecom, voice, data and digital voice, then why not add wireless for a best-of-breed solution?

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