Digital Voice Services

More Control. Less Cost. Better Service Through the Digital Voice Management Portal


Independently manage your hosted solution through our digital voice portal. Through this online portal you have greater flexibility to self-manage your service anytime and from any location. Place a call with the click of a mouse, reroute calls to other wireline and wireless numbers, or program the keys on your phone with one click.

  • Rerouting
  • Place a call
  • Get voicemail
  • Access call detail records
  • Manage hunt groups and auto-attendants

All you need is an Internet connection and you can manage your Digital Voice service. You can also download the VoIP portal toolbar and control your call settings right from your computer. This dynamic and highly effective tool allows you to conveniently self-manage your Digital Voice service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 



  • Set call routing options and settings based on business hours, holiday hours, etc.
  • Enterprise directory and common phone list functionality provides easy access to contacts.
  • Call rerouting allows you to easily redirect calls to any number in the event of travel or outage.
  • Simple functionality allows you to search users, manage profiles and reset passwords
  • Call restrictions allow you to block numbers that you may not want to receive calls from.
  • Group edits make changing settings for groups or departments simple and easy
  • Softkey configuration allows you to change the functionality of a devices soft keys directly from the portal
  • Configure your Auto Attendant & Hunt Group, export CDRs, upload your greetings and set speed dial


  • Independently manage call management features for each user such as Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring, Sequential Ring, Remote Office, etc.
  • Instant disaster recovery protects you against floods, hurricanes and other disasters by rerouting your calls via the portal so you never lose touch with your customers.
  • Categorize user types in your organization including group and end-user for faster and simpler feature management.
  • Enjoy enhanced visibility with easy-to-read dashboards that allow you to see usage and activity from user, group and location levels. Manage your Auto Attendants and Hunt groups as a group admin from a single page.
  • See which users are actively on a call in real-time along with device information and activity logs.



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