Frequently Asked Questions

What are ‘deregulated’ electricity and natural gas programs?

In the last 10 years or so, many State governing bodies, in a move to deregulate utilities and to lower electricity and natural gas costs, have licensed ‘Alternative Energy Suppliers’ to compete with the ‘public utilities’ monopolies by permitting discounts on electricity and natural gas rates.  CEO can operate in 44 states and 5 territories that have deregulated natural gas and/or electricity through our contracts with various energy suppliers who are officially licensed to operate in those states by the respective Public Utility Commissions who oversee and regulate energy in each State. (eg: in Michigan it’s the MPSC – the ‘Michigan Public Service Commission’, the official state agency)

Does my Utility Company remain in the program if I make a new supplier choice?

Yes. Your existing utility company will continue to be your Utility and will provide you with your emergency services. Your utility will continue distribution or transport of your electricity and natural gas over their respective lines and pipes. They will continue to read your same meters and service your account as now.

Will I have a different status with my Utility if I change to a new electricity or natural gas Supplier?

No. Your Utility must by State Law respond, repair, service, and react the exact same way as if no change had occurred. It is illegal for them to discriminate in any way against customers of alternative energy suppliers.

How long does it take from the time I sign with a new supplier until they provide me with electricity or natural gas?

Approximately 30 to 45 days. The changeover will be automatic and you will not experience any loss of service during this simple and seamless process.  It can be on your next billing date, usually the second.

Is there any cost for me to make the change to an alternative gas or electric supplier?

No. Neither the public utility nor the new supplier charge any fee in this transaction.(1 free switch per year)

Can I obtain detailed information about any Alternative Electricity or Natural Gas Supplier?

Yes.  Operational and financial data, along with a sample of their contract or agreement, is available for each supplier that  CEO works with or recommends to you. Supplier websites offer a wealth of info too.

Is there a time limit for my decision, once I receive the proposal?

Yes. Electricity and natural gas prices are market driven as part of the daily active commodity market. Contract decision timing ranges from 24 to 48 hours depending on the Supplier. Quotes may be renewed or refreshed subject to current market pricing. However, if you approve your saving proposal, you should be prepared to act quickly to secure your rate before the market changes.

If I am required to have a competitive bid for Electricity or Natural Gas, can CEO help me?

Yes. Because of the nature of our searching the major Suppliers, CEO can fulfill this time consuming requirement.  We always shop for you and when required by municipal charter or your board of directors we will provide the results of our research.

Why should I choose CEO  and not deal directly with an Alternative Energy Supplier?

CEO knows the enrollment process, all the major suppliers in the USA involved, and their histories. Specifically, we shop the market for you.  Obviously, it does not make sense to only deal with one biased Supplier and not know if you are obtaining the best rate. 

1.    CEO is aware of their changing minimum and maximum volume requirements.

2.    CEO is aware of their credit requirements.

3.    CEO is aware of their enrollment procedures

4.    CEO is aware of forms needed to enroll your business in the best electricity or natural gas savings program.

5.    CEO will obtain your 12 months usage history from the utility for natural gas and electricity in order to supply you with a no cost, no obligation quote.

6.    CEO will review all proposals and contracts from the best Supplier to make sure they are correct and accurate.

7.    CEO will be available to answer or obtain answers for any question you may have.

8.    CEO will quote all Suppliers at the same time to insure you are receiving the best rate at a particular point in time, a true ‘apples to apples’ quote. No shell games.

Why should I choose CEO and not deal with another Alternative Energy Savings Agency?

1.    We are one of the ‘largest geographic energy agency’ in the Nation with many qualified and certified agents.  The CEO footprint runs from the West Coat with agents in California , to the East Coast with agents inNew York and Florida , and 20 states in between.  

2.    Our suppliers have been in business for many years. Some of our individual suppliers as long as 100 years, some with millions of customers, and billions of dollars in energy sales and assets.    

3.    Most Alternative Energy Agencies only represent one Supplier, maybe two.  CEO shops for you with numerous major Suppliers (depending on the State) and obtains the best rate and guaranteed savings for you.

4.    Our agents are trained to serve you in a professional, low-keyed, no hustle - no hassle approach. 

 A number of professional Energy Auditor Consultants realize when it comes to obtaining the best Electricity or Natural Gas Rate for their customer, that it is difficult to improve on our knowledge of the Major Suppliers, Market trends, and years of contacts and relationships built in the Alternative Energy Supplier Market.  All quotes for customers are obtained from the Major Suppliers not later than 5 business days from submittal.


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