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STOP employees from wasting valuable company time on the Internet and slowing your network. Prevent streaming from YouTube, Facebook or other social media sites and safeguard your business against malicious viruses with a managed network firewall.Cut Employee Internet Abuse and Safeguard Against Violent Cyber Attacks

Our firewall management solution is your front line of defense against phishing scams, malware, cyber threats and other potentially harmful traffic. We protect against unauthorized users, dangerous protocols and common network layer attacks with no impact to your network performance.

Our firewall security let’s filter you inbound and outbound network traffic to allow only good traffic and detect and block suspicious traffic. Plus, you can extend your protection to remote locations and teleworker environments or remote Virtual Private Network (VPN) software clients.


  • Content filtering across 40 categories and millions of URLs
  • Customer-configurable firewall policies via the centralized web management portal
  • Compatible with hub and spoke as well as with fully meshed topologies
  • High-performance architecture
  • Deep packet inspection
  • Unlimited rules and policies
  • Allows/disallows based on the content or type of resource using content filters
  • Blocks access to Internet sites by category content (adult, gambling, racial/hate, etc.)
  • Blocks common sources of spyware and malware
  • Blocks peer-to-peer applications (e.g. BitTorrent)
  • Provides automatic end-user notification of policy violation
  • Includes comprehensive executive and granular reports on web activity
  • Comprehensive high-level and granular reports for complete visibility into network and application performance


  • Comprehensive protection from a single provider
  • You’re in control of what your employees have access to on the Internet
  • Prevent your network from slowing down to a crawl when you block unauthorized use of social media sites and music/movie download sites
  • Monitor assets and prevent important information from being leaked 
  • Unified control when you implement corporate security policies that apply to multiple locations
  • In-depth reporting for better visibility into your company’s web use
  • Increase productivity maintaining acceptable bandwidth performance with QoS prioritization
  • Reduce your risk of legal liability and protect against inappropriate use and content from employee Internet activity

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