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Non - Profit Organizations

We understand the needs and challenges found within non - profit organizations.. We offer simple and effective solutions to help secure cost savings for your organization.

We Focus on Saving You Money, So You Can Focus on Your Mission


As a non-profit organization, your primary focus is to achieve your mission. Like many non-profits, you may not have the time or resources to work on additional, yet important, tasks such as energy procurement.


We use the premiere method of energy procurement for businesses and government entities alike. Our Reverse Auctions are the most technologically advanced and customer-centric in the world.


The Reverse Auction sets the stage for a real-time bidding war among the nation’s top energy suppliers in a few quick steps. First, your dedicated Energy Analyst conducts an audit of your current energy bills on your behalf, assessing with you the opportunities for potential savings. Next, you’ll schedule your reverse auction at a convenient time, with most auctions only taking around 10 minutes. Because the reverse auction is conducted online, your board members and other stakeholders can easily monitor the real-time event from wherever they are located.

During the auction, up to 15 suppliers compete to win your business, constantly outbidding each other and driving the rates progressively lower. The reverse auction only ends once the lowest rates are uncovered and the competition has no more room in their price to bid against them.

Once the auction is over, you may decide to choose a new rate, or schedule a new auction at a later time if you’re not satisfied with the results – it’s up to you. Either way, there’s no obligation to sign a contract until you find the supplier that will provide the greatest value for your organization.


We will work with you to:

» Assess your energy needs

» Share strategies and insights

» Answer your questions

» Estimate your potential savings

» Act as your personal consultant every step of the way.

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