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The Hassle-free Phone System. Get great phone service and advanced features without owning or maintaining a PBX or Key System. Free Phones + Unlimited Calling.


All of the Features With None of the Cost

New phone systems or phone system upgrades can be expensive with a lot of up-front costs.

Eliminate traditional costs and ever-present maintenance charges of a traditional PBX with Hosted PBX. There's no up-front cost but all the features, added efficiency and improved reliability.

No Hardware to Maintain

In a Hosted PBX configuration, our Telecom maintains the equipment infrastructure that delivers digital voice service by leveraging our Broadsoft softswitch platform and specialized IP phones and hardware.

We provide not only the hosted cloud computing service, but also handsets as part of our overall offering. It is an ideal business communications solution for growing businesses with limited employee resources.

A Complete Solution for All Your Business Needs

Our feature-rich cloud-based Hosted PBX voice communications is flexible and customized to your needs.

Whether you’re new to IP telephony, looking to replace an existing IP system or looking to replace SIP Trunks, our hosted solution is robust and highly reliable. We can provide your broadband solution or support your needs if you already have existing broadband service in place.


  • Measured, bundled and unlimited seats
  • IP telephone set included with each seat license
  • Customized flexible calling plans to meet unique calling requirements


  • Reduced total cost of ownership and immediate cost savings
  • Eliminate maintenance costs with a fully managed cloud solution
  • One less thing to worry about. With our fully hosted solution, we’ll take care of everything
  • Smarter call management with value-added features such as Call Hunting, Simultaneous Ring, Find-Me/Follow-Me, Virtual Telephone Number and many other productivity enhancing features
  • Greater control over your call management via powerful online tools such as digital voice portal and telecom management
  • Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity as you can reroute calls via the digital voice portal
  • Eliminate traditional voicemail hassles with unified communications capabilities
  • Nationwide coverage and legendary customer service

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