Quick Facts About Consumer Energy Options

» CEO offers ultra-competitively priced Natural Gas, Electric Power and Telecom Services for your benefit & savings.

» CEO has saved our clients collectively many millions in utility spend. 

» CEO serves Business, Government, Non-Profits & Industry entities of all types & sizes.

» CEO can serve the residential markets with Electricity and Natural Gas

» CEO can serve the commercial markets with Electricity, Natural Gas, Telecommunications and Utility Audits

» CEO's clients range from small and midsize companies to the very large, some having energy spends of 25 Million annually, with global operations, that are publicly traded stock exchange listed companies.

» CEO will bring you significant savings over most Public Utility pricing with natural gas and electricity. We operate in 44 states and Canada, which is every deregulated state & open jurisdiction at this time.

» CEO can negotiate true 'Transport" deals, for the very large energy volume clients in 48 states and Canada.

» CEO negotiates energy procurement in over 125 primary markets, behind 125 Local Distribution Companies, and every city across the United States with Telecom.

» CEO has over 1000 highly trained ‘Utility Consultants’ to serve you.

» CEO has exceptional expertise in handling multiple properties located in multiple states. eg: Retail Chains / Franchise / Property Managers with 200-400 property locations spread throughout the United States and Canada.

» CEO's operations footprint is one of the largest in the USA, as our utility consultants live and work in California, New York, Florida and most states between the East to West coasts.

» CEO is contracted with multiple suppliers (30 plus) to serve you.

» CEO's utility suppliers are some of the largest and most prestigious energy names in North America. Some of them have 150 year legacies, most operate nationally and even globally, some have energy assets in the 80 billion range, with upwards of 35,000 employees serving 1-10 million customers.

1-888-814-8236 (8CEO)

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