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Consumer Energy Options and our suppliers have provided savings to millions of residential customers across the United States and Canada. Our natural gas products provide our customers with flexibility and price protection.

Why Choose Consumer Energy Options?

Experience & Expertise

Very few companies have the experience and expertise as the team surrounding Consumer Energy Options. Our network of individuals and companies have over 25 years experience in the energy industry.

Products & Pricing

We shop for the best available natural gas rates available in the market. Our industry experience and strong supplier relations ensure we are able to get the most competitive natural gas prices available.

Purchasing Power

CEO Energy also deals with major businesses accounts across the United States and Canada; We have an unmatched negotiating power with the suppliers in the utility industry and are able to pass this down to residences as well.

Personalized Experience

CEO Energy has over 1,000 consultants saving our natural gas residential customers money across the United States and Canada. When you are ready to save money on your home, we will set you up with a personal energy consultant.

Piece of Mind

CEO Energy will shop your residence with our entire network of available suppliers and present you with the best available natural gas choices. You will have piece of mind knowing you received the best options available in the market.

Seamless Transition

You will still be billed by, and remain a customer of your local utility provider. You will contact your local utility with any questions or concerns, just like you always have. The only thing that changes, is the fact that you will SAVE money! There will not be any disruption of your natural gas service when we switch over your service; the transition happens behind the scenes, and is seamless!

A Full Service Strategy That Unlocks Your Monthly Cost Savings 

How you are able to save:

The Federal Government mandated that each state begin participation in energy deregulation programs. Over the last several years, State Public Service Commissions across the nation have been requiring public utilities to deregulate. Deregulation laws provide residences and businesses with the option to choose who they purchase their utilities from. As these public utility monopolies are broken up, increased competition leads to lower prices for consumers. You can read about the entire history and timeline of energy deregulation at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) website.

Our Approach

Consumer Energy Options is able to identify strategic sourcing natural gas opportunities by constantly monitoring market dynamics to identify the best possible purchase opportunities for the major utility options.

Our team of natural gas experts constantly monitor market trends from past and present, which allows us to have a firm handle on the future pricing trends from all major utility markets.

Our proactive approach allows you to capitalize on natural gas saving opportunities before they disappear.

In a volatile industry, time can make-or-break a good pricing deal, so we stay up with the latest market trends.


Our Process

As a non-biased natural gas procurement firm, we help consumers receive the best possible rates by having our natural gas suppliers compete for your business.

CEO reviews your previous billing statements and invoices to identify usage, needs, volumes, loads, peaks, and patterns, and send it out for bids.

Once we receive all of the quotes back, a natural gas expert will present you with a cost savings analysis and feasibility study and the resulting purchasing options.

Our analysis is tailored specifically for your company, resulting in a more accurate, price-competitive and timely bids.


Our Support

In the final analysis, we empower individuals and organizations to make informed, confident decisions based on our genuine expertise in natural gas consulting.

In an effort to guide you through the complicated process of contract options, CEO provides your company a truly unique natural gas market knowledge, experience, personalized education, and straight forward explanations.

Our expert natural gas consultants will provide you clear guidance based on true market knowledge.

We make it easy for you to chose your natural gas savings.


Ready to see how much you can save?

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