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My Business Account is your gateway TO ALL the information you’ll need to manage your telecom. We provide a single invoice solution, online telecom expense management and an online support resolution through a single portal.

Pay your consolidated bill online and access your invoices for all services and all locations. Redeploy your employee resources towards more revenue-generating activities instead paying multiple bills at different times throughout the month.

  • Save time, streamline and simplify billing operations with only one monthly bill to pay online
  • Shred the costs that come with installing and maintaining a TEM system
  • Reduce the hassle and confusion of managing multiple partners, services and concerns
  • Know where you’re spending your money with detailed online reporting
  • Log and track trouble tickets through a single system so you don’t waste valuable time

Six Reason’s Why MBA is Different

  1. MBA shows you all your services for all your locations not just your POTS lines. View locations with data service and rebilling locations.
  2. Independently manage call features such as Call Forwarding, Hunt Groups, Simultaneous Ring and Voicemail through a single portal.
  3. Protect yourself from becoming “over-featured”- We’ll help you optimize your services so you only have what you really need.
  4. The dashboard gives you an overall quick view of your account including account changes, service locations, services, monthly charges, etc.
  5. Enter and track any trouble tickets or account changes online without having to contact us
  6. Access or sign up for recurring delivery of 21+ reports each month on your services and import them into your internal system 

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