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Virtual Receptionist / Auto Attendant


Improve Customer Experience and Reduce Cost With Auto Attendant

Have your calls answered automatically and route them to any phone number you choose. Upgrade your company's image and performance, convey a professional business image and improve your customer experience. It's fully hosted so there's no equipment to buy.

Reasons to Choose Auto Attendant

  • Overcome unexpected disasters by re-routing callers
  • One number follows you wherever you go so you never miss an opportunity
  • Promote up-sell opportunities with customizable on-hold messages
  • Eliminate over-staffing and increase productivity


  • Custom business-hours and after-hours greetings; for example, marketing messages, company directory, stores hours and directions, FAQs, etc.
  • Customers can record messages independently or upload professional prerecorded messages
  • Dial-by-name company directory
  • Find-Me/Follow-Me allows you to manage your business from the road. Amplify auto-attendant follows you wherever you travel
  • Simultaneous Ring forwards calls to 10 different numbers (landline and wireless) at the same time, ensuring live coverage by the first available employee
  • Change features/options and reroute calls in real time via the Amplify/digital voice online portal


  • Significantly reduce your communications expenses as the auto-attendant is hosted on the cloud, eliminating dedicated IT and maintenance costs
  • Give your business a professional presence
  • Increase overall productivity and do more without increasing staff or overhead
  • Save time by routing calls in a rapid and accurate manner with auto-attendant
  • Improve service levels by ensuring more efficient live call coverage by the first available employee
  • Never miss a call
  • Consolidate and unify your multiple locations and achieve standardized communications, greeting messages, etc. for all your locations
  • Capture market intelligence and drive marketing demand by recording call processing information and call queue activity
  • Put your business continuity plan in place and reroutes calls in real time in the event of an emergency 

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