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Prevent Internet Abuse and Protect Your Network from Web-based Threats With a Single Solution

We offer a web filtering solution that helps protect your organization from Web-borne threats and gives you greater control over your employees’ access to the web.

Increase Productivity Levels, Maintain Acceptable Bandwidth

Put URL filtering policies in place that blocks inappropriate web use. Balance your employee’s personal surfing needs and maintain acceptable bandwidth levels throughout your network.

Insight That Gives Your Greater Control

As part our managed services solution, internet filtering provides you with a single unified view into your network performance with data on service performance, Web threats and current Web usage statistics. Ask us about our web filtering solution today so you can eliminate unnecessary investment in infrastructure, reduce burden on your Internal IT resources and benefit from a more predictable cost environment.


  • Allow/disallow web viewing based on the content or type of resource using content filters
  • White list service permits access to pre-approved sites while blocking all other sites
  • Black list denies access to a predefined list of external sites and allows full Internet access except for the listed sites
  • Block access to Internet sites by category content (adult, gambling, racial/hate, etc.)
  • Block common sources of spyware and malware
  • Block peer-to-peer applications (e.g., Internet gaming)
  • Provide automatic end user notification of policy violation
  • Review comprehensive executive and granular reports on web activity


  • Improve employee productivity and immediately optimize use of precious IT resources
  • Eliminate unnecessary investment in infrastructure and deliver predictable costs
  • Decrease risk of legal liability from employee Internet activity
  • Protect against inappropriate content, which can lead to many forms of harassment and workplace complications
  • Prevent business losses by enforcing Internet usage policies based on bandwidth needs
  • Enjoy greater convenience and simplicity with one provider for all your telecom needs

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